Seattle Pacific University seeking additional safety measure due to two burglars

College couple serves a local community with light sabers

SightLife asking more donors to help blind kids

‘Trump Wall’ draws a controversial discussion at University of Washington


Writing Samples

1. The interview with three international students

During the fall quarter of my sophomore year, I had an opportunity to interview three international students at SPU for my “Media Writing” course. The story is written to deliver their tremendous and unique experiences to American college students. Please click HERE to read this article.

2. Opinion Column

This is my opinion column after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson during sophomore year. Please click HERE to read it.

3. Movie Review

This is a movie review from watching “Shattered Glass.” I learned not only how to summarize the story of the movie in a few paragraph but also how to deliver personal insight coherently through this writing. Please Click HERE to read it.

4. Press Release

During the fall quarter of my sophomore year in Media Writing course, I learned how to write a news story from press release.” Please Click HERE to read it.

5. Profile Story

I conducted an interview with one of on campus employees at dining service, and wrote about her personal life as an immigrant in America.  Please click HERE to read it.