College couple serves a local community with light sabers

QUEEN ANNE– Along time ago in Seattle there’s a couple who is a little bit different. Hailee and Grayson are both students in Seattle Pacific University. About three months ago they became a couple. Their love for ‘StarWars’ is what sparkled their relationship.

“The reason we started talking on Facebook over Christmas break was because I saw he had a light saber on his profile picture,” said Hailee Keeffe. Along with her, Grayson Goodman explains that they started talking because of her interest in light saber flash-mob.

They are a part of Jet City Saber Guild, which is a group of folks who love a light saber just like them.

“This particular group called me because Star Wars was one of those things that I grew up with, and I was obsessed with it,” said Keeffe.

Hailee and Gray practice in their Star Wars costumes and perform together for many events. However, they say being a member of this club is for more than just entertainment.

For the most part we perform either for free, or we collect money, which goes to charity. We have a lot of birthday visits and hospital visits.

The club has been performing for many years. They’ve been giving hope to kids by performing at EMP museum, Seattle Children hospital and private birthday parties.

“Hailee: specially one with children. Their enthusiasm and being able to help to bring phantoms to life… Gray: everything is for kids. That means just awesome.”


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