Seattle Pacific University concerns campus security due to recent two burglars

QUEEN ANNE,WA- About 6 months ago students at Seattle Pacific University received an email about possible ongoing security threats from Office of Safety and Security. It was about uninvited visit from unknown stranger.

She came through a front door of Wesley Dravus Apartment by using her pry bar, and stole one of the residents’ bicycle that was not locked.

“It just seems odd that someone can get through security that have been placed, and that person even know there are things value in the apartment,” said Lindsey Walkemeyer, resident on campus.

A few months later a similar incident happened at other campus apartment. This time it was a different woman.

She came through the front door, and stole off parts from residents’ bicycles.

“She came to our garage, which did not seem to be secured. She took everything off my bike,” said Emma Wendt, a campus resident.

Catherine Moffett, a Resident Advisor of campus apartment, says “It’s like having someone coming to your home uninvited- especially with intent of stealing property… it just makes you feel uncomfortable.”

Some residents already expressed their concerns, but the statement from office of safety and security did not satisfy what they expected to hear.

“I think we should replace the door frame that can’t be opened with a pry bar. From my understanding, she forced far enough so that she could open freely,” said Wendt.

Campus security became a sensitive topic after what happened on June 5th of 2014- 1 dead and two injured from campus shooting in the building. And police are still looking for two women, and also figuring out additional safety measure. Security asked for student’s calls if they see any suspicious activities.


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