‘Trump Wall’ draws a controversial discussion at University of Washington


Dozens of University of Washington Students gathered today to raise their voice. They are talking about Donald Trump.

“How’s wall a symbol of racism?…. You are keeping people out!… America is built on immigrants.”

It was the conversation between Trump and Anti-Trump supporters… two days after Trump’s first visit in Lynden, Washington. 8 Trump supporters came with a hand-made, ‘Trump Wall’ on the center of red square.

Trump supporter, Chevy Swanson says hate wasn’t part of his intent.

“They can say what they think the wall stands for. I don’t think it stands for that (hate). If I want hate, I want to be racist. Why would I hide it? I’m already out here attacked by bunch of people. There’s no point of hiding if I was,” said Swanson.

But others have different views on this Trump rally. They think it’s funny.

“I think it’s really funny. I’m not threatened at all. I think it’s hilarious,” said Muslim student. “But also it’s kind of bizarre this is happening at UW. You don’t see it on daily basis.”

Other anti trump supporter said he’s hateful and xenophobic, which is not something we can tolerate in this country.

However some people chose to take a different approach entirely.

“I’m here right now because I don’t believe a message of hate. I have heard of… my Muslim brothers and sisters have been attacked by hateful messages. The result of this… hate always spreads, and I want to spread the message that love also spreads.”

Frederick Mansfield, a student standing with a sign, “Jesus loves Muslims,” says he came here to stop hate. It turns out it’s not just him.

“The part of reason why we come today was… we heard they are planning a replica of the wall, and we want people to know that doesn’t change the environment that should be on campus. We want people to know there’s love here.”

That was UW student, Alexa Kemmering. She says she is not happy about the influence of Trump rally on campus.

“All I can say people, that support Trump, support Trump. Don’t let it influence how you treat other people. Don’t let your support influence other people from different background, or different race,” said Kemmering. “Because we are supposed to be living together in this country. We are supposed to be neighbors.”

It’s not surprising that the 2016 campaign trail runs through college campuses across the country. No matter what side you stand on Trump or not student discussion is always empowering and refreshing.


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